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Wilton Castle

The House

When approached from the main drive, the impressive first view was of the house and the remains of the Great Tower which has been partially built into the house although one detached part of the tower wall still stands.

The house when approached from the drive (Click for larger images)

The house sits in the south of the ruins with a large garden or courtyard to the north.

The current house was built some time in the late 1700's and replaces an earlier one that was built by Sir John Brydges.

The first house was burnt down in around 1640 by his neighbours, Henry Ingen and Sir Barabes Scudemore, after Sir John Brydges chose to fight in Ireland rather than on the mainland during the Civil War.

The house inside the castle buildings (Click for larger images)

Here was see parts of the Great Tower that have been built into the house.

To the front left is a doorway with great views out onto the drive and Great Tower. In the distance, at the end of the left passage, is part of a spiral staircase that was inside the castle.

The house in Wilton Castle (9-9-06)
The inside of the house
(Click for a larger image)

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