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Harewood End

These are a few old pictures of Harewood End near Ross-on-Wye.

The Inn
The Inn at Harewood End
[Published: Jarrold & Sons Ltd.]
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This photo shows The Inn at Harewood End. Interestingly, there is a Shell Petrol pump just in front of it.

This postcard shows the Harewood End Inn. Ross-on-Wye. Accomodation for motorists. The Inn sign indicates that it had a garage (the sliding door on the left) and that it was recognised as an RAC Inn. Again, the Shell petrol pump can be seen in front of the Inn.

The car has registration HH 4592 and was registered in Carlisle. The registration numbers were issued by the County Councils and the two letter, four number was being phased out by 1927 in many areas (due to there being more than 9999 cars being registered) but some continued to use this format until 1963.

On the right of the shot can be seen a Traction Engine (with C3 1703 marked on the front).

Harewood End Inn
Harewood End Inn
[Unknown Publisher]
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