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The Towns Water Supply

Water Pumped from the Wye

John Kyrle was responsible for the first piped water supplies in Ross. He set up a waterworks at "The Dock" (next to the Hope and Anchor) and the water was pumped from a pool in the river1 up to a tank in the Prospect and from there it was piped around the town.

Water pump by the Wye
The site of the Pump House in 1937
Reproduced from the 1937 Ordnance Survey map. Crown copyright

In 1935 the works were still in use as a soft water supply where the water was used as boiler feedwater and for non-potable uses in a few houses. By this time the water was supposedly pumped up to the Prospect using a turbine driven race from the Rudhall Brook1 but within living memory there was an oil engine at the Hope (circa 1950). The pump was renowned for being noisey, smelly and visable through the wire fence.

1 Wells and Springs of Herefordshire - HM Stationary Office - 1935

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