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The Towns Water Supply

Merrivale Water Works

The site of Merrivale Tank (14-03-09)
The site of Merrivale Tank
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This is believed to be the site of the 25,000 gallon Merrivale Tank. Water was pumped to the tank, which was used to provide a static pressure (head) to the water, from the Merrivale Water Works (which also supplied a tank at Merrivale Farm).

The Merrivale Water Works was originally built to supply the Merrivale Estate, which includes Ashfield, but was extended to supply the Alton Court Brewery on Station Street. A spur was fitted to the water main to supply a tap located at one corner of the Market House.

The water for the works was supplied from springs but in a drought during 1887 the springs dried up so the Alton Court Brewery built a new works at Alton Court fed from wells. The Merrivale Works were then abandoned and the springs were then diverted to run into the ponds at Merrivale House.

Local memories of the tank are that there was a brick arched frontage which had fallen into dis-repair by the 1950s.

Water pump by the Wye
The Merrivale Farm and Ponds
Reproduced from the 1937 Ordnance Survey map. Crown copyright

1 Wells and Springs of Herefordshire - HM Stationary Office - 1935

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