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Kells Foundry

Ross' other major foundry was Kells. Mr Kell lived in Brook House, Five Ways, and he was a farmer with skills in engineering.

Brook House
Brook House in Ross
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The Kells foundry was at Brookend (Five Ways), around the junction with Millpond street and opposite Brookend House. It was a low, single storey building. It was up and running between 1835 and the Great War (World War One 1914-1918). They produced a variety iron implements and agricultural equipment. By 1856 the foundry had been so successful that they were able to open a new premises in Gloucester.

Kells Seed Drill(18-3-06)
Kells seed drill.
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Here we have an example of a Kells seed drill, although this one was made at their Gloucester works I expect items were made and sold in Ross. This one was on display in St. Edward's Church in Kempley during their daffodil weekend when their was a historical display in the church.

The after the foundry closed, the building was at one point used by Ross Weld, a metal fabricators, and this can be seen as they had an advert in the "Ross-on-Wye Guide and Directory 1984" but the building has since been knocked down. The site of the foundry covered the area where JS Carpets now stands and also extending out into the area where the road is now, as the road was much narrower then. It then extended back over the gravel covered area seen to the left.

Site of Kells foundry
The site of the Kells Foundry in Ross
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More examples of Kells farming equipment

These are several more examples of Kells farming equipment which can be seen at the Westons Cider museum, Much Marcle.

Kells Plough (24-9-06)
An example of a Kells plough
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Kells seed drill (24-9-06)
An example of a Kells seed drill
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