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News Papers

Prior to the mid 1800's news papers were heavily taxed on advertisements, stamp duty and duty on newsprint making news papers prohibitively expensive for the 'commoner' and so were an extravagance of the rich. In 1853 the Advertisement tax was abolished followed by the stamp duty in 1855 and finally the duty on newsprint in 1861. This led to a flood of publications across the county.

In Ross, this led to:

and more recently:

Current Papers

Currently Ross has 3 main papers, the Ross Gazette (32p), the Ross Recorder and Archenfield Diary and the Ross Journal and pamphlets that are produced on a weekly or monthly basis and these are a few details.

Ross Gazette

This is the longest running newspaper in Ross. As a broad sheet it's last edition had 12 pages and the first tabloid edition had 32 pages with news, sport and adverts from Ross and related to Ross and its local area.

This paper is weekly (Thursday) and is costs 32p and can be obtained from virtually anywhere that sells newspapers in Ross.

The Gazette is published by The Ross Gazette Ltd, 54a Broad Street, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7DY. The typesetting and artwork is done by Buckstop Print Services Ltd, Unit 2, Wisloe Road, Cambridge, Gloucester, GL2 7AF and is printed by Surrey Press Centre Ltd, Farnham, Surrey.

Ross-on-Wye Journal

This tabloid sized paper had 56 pages in its 5th April '06 edition but it is more of an "area" based newspaper with Ross news on the front cover and the rest of the paper contains news, sport and adverts from the rest of the county, mainly Hereford and Leominster.

This paper is 'free' and produced weekly (Wednesday) and delivered through the door.

The Journal is published by the Hereford-Leominster Journal, 178 Widemarsh Street, Hereford and is printed by Shropshire Newspapers Ltd, Telford.

Ross Recorder

& Archenfield Diary

This tabloid sized "news paper" started in around October 2003 and has 12 pages in its 29th April '06 edition. It is a "historical" newspaper with historical details about Ross over the years and has a mix of old and new adverts.

This paper is free and produced monthly and is free at selected outlets.

The Recorder is produced in association with the Ross Gazette.


The Ross-on-Wye Advertiser

This A4 sized pamphlet, started in around July 2002, has 8 pages in its 7th April '06 edition and contains local advertisements from Ross and Newent. This is a spin off from the NEW-AD (The Newent Advertiser), hence the Newent adverts, which has been running for as long as I can remember.

This is 'free' and produced fortnightly, is free and is delivered to the door on a Wednesday.

The ROSS-AD is produced by Perpetuapress from Newent and printing was done in it's Newent premises at 20 Culver Street, Newent, Glos, GL18 1DA, although this may have changed.

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