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Man of Ross

The Man of Ross Ross on Wye

In 1855, the "Man of Ross" paper started up. This ran for twenty years before it was absorbed into the "Ross Gazette". It was printed and published by J. W. F. Counsell, Market Place Ross.

I have one copy of the "Man of Ross" from Thursday, August 18, 1864, no. 575, but it is too fragile to open at present. It cost 2s 2d or 1s 1d in advance.

The main topic titles that can be seen are:

  • ROSS MONTHLY AUCTION SALE - Edwin Alfred Price announces his next sale, which had been running for more than 12 years, will be held on Thursday 1st Sept at 12 o'clock in the area by the Royal Hotel.
  • BANKS OF THE WYE NEAR ROSS - Mr. Thomas Blake will offer for sale by auction, on Thursday 18th August 1864, the newly built dwelling called "Kerne Lodge", Walford, consisting of an entrance hall, dining room (20 by 17 feet), drawing room (17 feet by 12 feet), a breakfast parlour, two kitchens, four bed-rooms, dressing room, bath room (with hot and cold water) plus offices and 8 acres of land. Also available was "Kerne Cottage", containing two sitting rooms, a kitchen, a back kitchen, larder, three bed-rooms, cellar and other conveniences. Both of which had enchanting and romantic views of the river Wye, Goodrich Castle and the spires of Ross, Walford and Goodrich. They both benefit from well planted gardens and a recently sunk, and expensive, well.
  • WALTER SCOTT'S SCHOOL - Tender for the annual supply of clothing from tailors, shoemakers and mercers (girls tailors) with samples to be sent to the School House on or before 3rd September - Thos. West Treasurer
  • THOMAS BRAIN, DECEASED - Thomas Brain of Hawthorns in the parish of Hope Mansell, who was a colliery proprietor, died on 13th September 1863. His estate was proved on 26th July 1864 by Alfred James Brain, William Edward Brain and James Albert Brain and was due to be finalised hence a call for claims was posted.

Also visible are adverts for Perkins and Bellamy Cooking Ranges, James Vaughan a dying, scouring and french cleaning specialist. The rest is obscured because of the way it is folded.

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