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The Railway in Ross-on-Wye

In Ross there are various remnants of the railway around the town and these are a few details about some of the most prominent ones.

The Station

The site of the station was redeveloped in 1977 by South Herefordshire District Council and turned into the Ashburton industrial estate.

The back of the station in Ross was bordered by Scots Pine trees, eight of which still remain towering over the Ashburton Industrial Estate, and a lane that now runs from the Ashburton end of Station Approach to North Road. These can be seen in these photos along with the spearhead fencing that borders both sides of the lane.

The Station Ross-on-Wye (22-3-06)
The road at the back of the station that leads up to North Road
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The Station Ross-on-Wye (22-3-06)
Some of the trees at the back of the station
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The Station Ross-on-Wye (22-3-06)
The trees from the town end of Station Approach
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The station itself has been replaced by the Ashburton Industrial Estate which was opened on the 16th March 1979 by Lord Northfield who was the Chairman of H.M. Development Commission.

Lord Northfield
Lord Northfield opening the Ashburton Industrial Estate
[thanks to Richard Mayo]
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The Signal Boxes

Ross Signal Box Plate
The Signal Box plate
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Nothing remains of the North or South signal boxes where they were sited at the station. Outside of Ross, in the Kidderminster Railway Museum is one of the signal box plates.

Bus Depot

The station in Ross had a bus depot nearby and this site is now Brunel Workshops.

Engine Shed Ross-on-Wye
The site of the Bus Depot
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