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The River Wye and the Wye Valley

Past views of the Wye

This is the view of the famous loop in the Wye at Ross-on-Wye. These two pictures of the horse shoe bend were taken in 1968 looking down from the Prospect.

It is interesting to note that in the left hand picture, the Riverside Inn and Restaurant was not there and it was still a private house. There are a large number of tents and caravans on the riverbank and quite a few people can be seen on the bank. At this time the bank was no where near as developed as it is today and there are hedges along the side of Wye Street and there were no benches or trees along the sides of the river. The down side was that the lack of trees meant erosion of the banks was a really big problem.

The horse shoe bend in 1968 (Click for larger images)

In the right hand picture, the old green boat house can be seen which has since been replaced by a pair of buildings. The by-pass was still relatively new (about 8 years old) and the trees had not grown on the embankments as seen today. Also very little traffic can actually be seen on it, a similar picture today would have a near constant stream of cars and lorries.

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