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Flooding Around Ross in 2010

5th January 2010

On the 5th January 2010 the heaviest snow fall (about 6" [150mm]) since 1982 occurred and this was part of the coldest weather for 30 years. After the snow fell this was the view from the Prospect out over the loop in the river.

The Wye in early January (06-01-10)
The River Wye in the snow on 6/1/2010

17th January 2010

The Wye in early January 2010
The River Wye in flood on 17/1/2010

As a result of the subsequent thaw, and rain that fell during this, the snow melted very quickly and the River flooded. The Rudhall Brook was also very high.

The Rudhall Brook
The Rudhall Brook
(Click for a larger image)

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