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Church Street

Next to the church are some of the Ross Almshouses in Church Street. The Tudor-fronted Rudhall almshouses in Church Street are still inhabited. These were founded in the fourteenth century and rebuilt in 1575. They were restored relatively recently in 1960, by the Ross Charity Trustees and at this time the five original houses were changed into three larger houses without changing the fronts. These Almshouses are probably some of the oldest buildings left in Ross with parts of the Church probably being the oldest.

There are records of people who were not wealthy leaving money for the upkeep of the almshouses showing their importance within the community. For example, an Alice Spencer, who was just a servant at Rudhall, left money to the Rudhall almshouses in 1677.

Rudhall Almshouses Ross-on-Wye
The Rudhall Almshouses
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A Postcard of Rudhall Almshouses
The Rudhall Almshouses postcard
[Unknown publisher]
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On the postcard it says:

THIS Hospital, of very ancient foundation, appears to have been purchased by one of the Rudhale family together with a rent-charge of four groats per annum issuing out of the Church Orchard or Orleton's Court (Alton Court) Farm; and in 1755 it was repaired by William Rudhale of Rudhale, and vested in his heirs for poor persons of Ross.

Edde Cross Street

'Edde Crosse Streete' in old English
Edde Cross Almshouses
A view of Edde Cross Street houses
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Edde Cross Street Almshouses
A 2nd view of Edde Cross Street houses
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These houses have had a long history and were funded by many people. This is shown on a plaque built into the wall of the houses that reads:

Endowed by Thomas Roberts Esq 1854

Edde Crosse Streete

These Houfes
and the Gardens adjoining thereto.
were given in exchange for
the 3rd of Feby 1792.


The gift of Wm PYE Clre
Vicar of Foy Ano 1600.
rebuilt at this Parish charge
Ano 1679.



These were called Pye's Almshouses and they were the gift of the Rev. Mr. Pye, vicar of Foy in 1600. They were rebuilt in Edde Cross street in 1679 and the houses and the garden adjoining were exchanged for the old almshouses on February 3rd 1792 by Walter Hill. Then they were further endowed by Thomas Roberts, Esq. in 1854.

Arthur's Lane

(now known as Old Gloucester Road)

Perrock's Almshouses were in Arthur's lane and these were for four poor widows and were founded by Richard Worcester, A.D. 1510, and endowed by Thomas Perrock in 1605. These were then rebuilt in 1771, altered and thoroughly restored by Alderman, Thomas Blake in 1889 and then in 1959 they were restored by the Ross Charity Trustees.

Perrocks Almshouses
Perrocks Almshouse
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Perrocks Almshouses Ross-on-Wye
A 2nd angle
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Copse Cross Street

Thomas Webb, who was a successful carpenter, endowed Ross with almshouses in Copse Cross Street in 1612. These were supposedly designed to house seven people but I suspect there were more like seven families.

Webb`s Almshouses Ross-on-Wye
Thomas Webb`s Almshouses
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Webb`s Almshouses
A 2nd angle
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Other sites

Edde Cross Street

Ross has had several other almshouses and during the 17th century, Philip Markye gave an almshouse in Edde Cross Street for the "use of the poor of Ross." Unfortunately by 1961, the almshouse had come to such a state of dilapidation that it was taken down.

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