Development is continuous on the site, but major changes will appear here to help with error trapping.


8 April 2008

Added a pagination feature to allow large pages to be broken down into sections.


6 January 2008

I have noticed that since the change in server, the problems with the RSS/XML News feed have gone (there was a 'TAB' character at the start of the feed and its source was a mystery). I had never been able to find any faults with the code for that section and had a suspicion that it was not altogether my fault. At least it is now working as expected.

Major issue with server

4 January 2008

Problems due to server issues have been resolved.

Major issue with server

3 January 2008

Due to a fault on the server that stores it has been moved to a new one unexpectedly. This has resulted in the loss of some information/pictures that were added and some other issues. I will fix these over the next couple of days as I find them and work out what is missing.

Fixed search system

9 July 2007

Found another bug in the search system and fixed it.

Fixed search system

3 December 2006

Found that the search system was broken so I fixed it.

New menu system

1 November 2006

Massive update as I have changed the pages so that the site can now support over 10000 pages rather than the previous 999 which was causing some issues when trying to make new categories and sections.

Extra URL

1 November 2006

Bought the use of for another 2 years.

New menu system

30 October 2006

Added the new menu system to improve site navigation.

Guest book security

1 September 2006

Had a few issues with spam being posted in the guestbook, so the ability to post URLs has been removed.

Guest book security

30 March 2006

Forced to add security to the guest book to try to reduce the amount of spam that is being posted onto it.

Extra URL

31 January 2006

Added to the site.

Added search system

29 January 2006

Added a search system - this is still in development so there maybe problems.
[ here ]

Bug fixed prev next buttons

20 January 2006

Fixed bug if section prefix appears in the page name.

Extra URL

28 December 2005

Also added to the site for better focus on details.

Spiral Border

21 November 2005

Added a general 'notebook' page border - what do you think?

Rotating logo

1 November 2005

Added randomly rotating logos to the site for the Ross-on-Wye section.

Guest book update

28 September 2005

Added support for daylight savings because previously all times were GMT and now it automagically compensates for BST.
[ here ]

Guest book

27 September 2005

Guest book added to allow comments to be posted.
[ here ]

Bug fixed prev next buttons

16 September 2005

Fixed bug in prev next buttons.

Updated prev next buttons

15 September 2005

Improved support for next or prev buttons.


15 September 2005

Allowed scroll bars on popups after finding that lower resolutions where hard to use.

JS support

6 September 2005

Improved support for browsers which have javascript disabled.

Material removed

31 August 2005

Removed the 'Places' and the Ross-on-Wye section from so now all details are here.

Site Opens

12 August 2005

After I bought a new digital camera, a Kodak DX7590, I uploaded my photos to my other site but as the collection increased it seemed only natural to give them their own space. Being relatively new to digital photography and photography in general, the quality of photos varies greatly and I hope that they will improve over time.

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