Ross on Wye nestles in the South Herefordshire countryside and is an ancient town with panoramic views overlooking the River Wye. The town sits on a high on a sandstone cliff and has peaceful gardens and excellent walks beside the River.

Ross has a long and varied history and first appears in records of 1016 and has a 13th Century Church and a Market House from the 17th Century. Ross-on-Wye boasts to having been one of the first recorded attempts to beautify a town for the benefit of its residents.

Originally it was known as "Ross" but became "Ross-on-Wye" in 1931 due to confusion with other places of the same or similar name. Ross-on-Wye came into the forefront of British tourism when it became a part of the Wye Tour and it remains a popular tourist centre right up to the present day.


Many of the details and photos on Ross-on-Wye have been kindly donated; many thanks to all who have contributed to date.

A fact about Ross

Ross and The Forest of Dean

Ross-on-Wye sits just outside of the Forest of Dean the boundary of which is only around 2 miles away to the west.

The boundary was fixed by the Commissioners in 1831, to an area of around 25,000 acres, and the edges were defined as:

The Regional Books: Forest of Dean - F.W. Baty
The limits of the Forest of Dean begin at Gloucester bridge and thus stretch by the main flow of the Severn going to as far as the place where the bank of the Wye falls into the Severn, and thus going up by the Wye as far as Strigoil bridge. Going up thence by the Wye as far as Monmouth bridge and going up thence by the Wye as far as the ford of Goodrich Castle and thus as far as Dunnes Cross, and thus by a certain lane called Mersty as far as Alton, and thus by the stream of Alton as far as the public way coming from Ross as far as the oak outside Weston. And so by the King's highway beyond the bridge as for as a certain tree called Bolletree. And thus by the King's highway as far as the millpond of Buriton, which is Richard Talbot's. And thus by the King's highway up to a certain cross called Luce Cross. And thus by the King's highway through the middle of Gorsley as far as Gorsley Ford. And thus going down by the brook as far as Oxenhall bridge. And thus by the King's highway as far as the Prior of Newent's bridge. And by the same King's highway as far as Gloucester bridge.

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