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Mile Markers

Originally these started out as milestones (from the Latin milliarium) which were, as the name suggests, made of stone but more recently have been made of metal or concrete. Thus the signs are more generally now known as mile markers, although milestone is still often used, as a general term to cover the various types.

Mile markers were constructed to indicate distance to the destination and from the place of origin. They also served to reassure the traveller that the proper route was being followed (like a forerunner to SatNav).

A Brief History1

Milestones were originally made of stone, such as granite, marble or a suitable local stone, in the form of a standing stone or obelisk. They date back to when people first started making more regular journeys between towns and cities and they are a series of numbered markers placed along a road at regular intervals normally at at the side of the road. Milestones were widely used by road builders during the Roman Empire and were an important part of the Roman road network because the distance travelled per day may only have been a few miles.

The first Roman milestones are thought to have appeared on the Appian way and at the centre of Rome was the Golden Milestone, which is now lost, which was made of bronze and marked the symbolic centre of the Roman Empire.


The locations of the markers can be found from OS maps (most easily seen on the 1" maps).

Around Ross

There are a number of Mile Markers around Ross. Many of them were made by Perkins and Bellamy or by by Nichols Ross.

Perkins and Bellamy Mile Markers
Perkins and Bellamy makers mark
Nichols Mile Marker
Nichols makers mark

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