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The Battle of Wilton Bridge

In 1644, during the Civil War in England and Wales, Wilton Bridge was being defended by thirty Royalist musketeers from Goodrich Castle, who were under the command of Captain Caffy, when a party of Parliamentarian Troops attacked the bridge with two cannon. The Parliamentarians were possibly under the command by Colonel John Birch who later, in 1646, laid seige to Goodrich Castle and used the famous mortar 'Roaring Meg' to breach the castle walls and capture the castle.

During the battle for the bridge, the arch nearest to Wilton village was destroyed.

The Parliamentarian troops then crossed the river at a ford (or more troops came up from Goodrich or down the west bank) and attacked the Royalists from the rear which resulted in Captain Caffy and many of his troops being killed.

As a result the arch had to be rebuilt and hence its style is distinctly different to the other arches that make up the bridge.

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