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25th November '07

Homs Road and Rope Walk area
The Homs Road works (25-11-07)
Update on the Homs Road area
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This week there are a few mysteries and this is the fist one. I am not sure what this piece of steelwork is for. Maybe it is going to be part of the tunnel lining or is part of some tunnelling machinery?

Mystery equipment (25-11-07)
Some mystery equipment
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Behind the Boat House
Behind the Boat House (25-11-07)
Behind the Boat House
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Channel behind the Boat House (25-11-07)
The channel behind the Boat House
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The area behind the boat house is being cleared of trees and bushes as the focus of the channel works moves further down the towards the river.

In the photo to the right, the bank can be clearly seen as having been built up with bags of concrete to prevent the bank being washed out from under the boat house.


The new culvert has now had all the water pumped out and this is being maintained using an electric pump running off a generator.

Pumped out culvert (25-11-07)
Pumped out culvert
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The frame in the photo below is currently another mystery. A depression has been dug and a frame (the red bars) have been assembled here. Quite what this is, is unclear, it maybe part of a larger structure yet to be built. It is built around the digger so it has to be moved in order to get the digger out of the hollow.

Frame (25-11-07)
Frame in the depression
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Frame closeup (25-11-07)
Closeup on the frame
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In the photo below-left, some formed steelwork can be seen. Presumably this is to hold up a bank or some form of reinforcement.

In the photo below-right, the work on the old railway embankment continues.

Steelwork (25-11-07)
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Embankment (25-11-07)
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Broadmeadow area (25-11-07)
The Broadmeadow area
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The channel has been excavated right out to the entrance of the Broadmeadow caravan & camping park.

The Broadmeadow channel (25-11-07)
The Broadmeadow channel
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The Broadmeadow tunnel (25-11-07)
The Broadmeadow tunnel
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This is the existing tunnel at Broadmeadows. The channel is very narrow at this point and it is a major restriction to the flow. This area must have acted as quite an effective dam in the past thus restricting the flow and possibly helping to reduce the flooding further downstream from the Chatterly Brook at least.

The Bund

The work continues in the bund area. To the far right in the photo below can be seen a wheel washing machine to prevent mud being carried from the site onto the A40.

In the photo below to the left-bottom corner can be seen one of the waterways that feeds down through Broadmeadow and on to Fiveways. The Rudhall Brook follows the line of the hedge running approximately from the left-middle to the top-centre of the picture.

The bund area (25-11-07)
The bund access area
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These heaps of soil have appeared over the last few weeks and are probably the spoil from the excavations further down the channels from Broadmeadow to Fiveways.

The bund (25-11-07)
The bund
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17th November '07

The Railway Embankment

The diggers are now working on the old railway embankment presumably to allow the culvert to pass underneath.

The railway embankment (17-11-07)
The railway embankment
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The railway embankment II (17-11-07)
The diggers on the railway embankment
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Homs Road and Rope Walk area

The new channel has been expanded towards to the Rowing Club. Other than that, not a great deal of changes can be seen in this area.

The Rope Walk works (17-11-07)
The new channel
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The Rope Walk works II (17-11-07)
The new channel from the Boat House end
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16th November '07

The Railway Embankment

Here two excavators are being used to dig out the railway embankment.

The excavations on the embankment (16-11-07)
The excavations on the railway embankment
[Courtesy of Nuttall's]
(Click for a larger image)

next Flood alleviation work 2008

1 The brook referred to as the Chatterley Brook is actually a unnamed brook that flows from Weston-under-Penyard past Chackley Grove. It has only recently become referred to as the Chatterley Brook and locally it was previously known as Chackley Brook.

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