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A Brief History

Originally on this site was Ross Tyre Services and the location of one of SHACS' yards which were both demolished in 1987 to allow Safeway's Supermarket to be built. In 2003 Morrisons (with 119 stores) bought out the Safeway Supermarket chain which had 480 stores but with the condition of selling 53 stores which were near to existing Morrisons. This pushed Morrisons from a small northern company into the same league as Asda, Sainsbury's and Tesco's.

2010 Redevelopment

In 2008, Morrisons applied for permission to extend the store (under DCSE2008/2414/F varied in 2010 by DMSE/100886/F) to improve the services that the store can provide.

29th August 2010

Work on the loading bay, rear of the shop and new frontage (including the new cafe) are progressing. The steelwork is now in place for both parts and the new structure for the roof and some of the outer cladding is being put in place.

Loading bay (29-08-10)
The loading bay and back of the shop
(Click for a larger image)

New frontage (29-08-10)
The new shop frontage
(Click for a larger image)

5th July 2010
Frontage (05-07-10)
The front of the store with only a small amount of work done
(Click for a larger image)

This photo shows that the front of the store has started to be redeveloped (other than having had the roof removed).

Over the last few weeks this large steel structure has been added and today the steelwork that can just be seen in the background has been added.

Back of the store (05-07-10)
The back of the store with only a large amount of work done
(Click for a larger image)

3rd July 2010

Over the weekend various viewing points have been added to the boundary fences to allow people who pass by to see what is going on.

13th June 2010
Side of the store (13-06-10)
The side of the store (Click for a larger image)

Piles being added (13-06-10)
Piles being added
(Click for a larger image)
Roof removed (13-06-10)
Roof removed
(Click for a larger image)

Front of the store (13-06-10)
The front of the store (Click for a larger image)

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