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The Towns Water Supply

Market Place

On the north-east side of the Market House was a public well that supplied the centre of town via a pump that was situated there.

Cawdor Well

The site of Cawdor springs (22-03-09)
The site of Cawdor springs
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The Cawdor Well is on the northern boundary of the urban part of Ross, on the Ross Urban and Ross Rural boundary, and was fed from five weak springs coming up through the sandstone1. The well was renowned in the area for curing rheumatism and similar ailments. The map below clearly identifies that there was a well here and the photo above is thought to be the area where the springs came to the surface. The well was located south of here on the lower side of the path where a house has now been built.

The site of Cawdor Well
The site of the Cawdor Well in 1937
Reproduced from the 1937 Ordnance Survey map. Crown copyright

By 1935 the well had been filled in although it was still marked on OS maps until much later.

Today there is no actual sign of the well except that the springs still run and this accounts for the water that runs down the path from the top of Brampton Hill (just below the entrance to River View) down to Cawdor Arch Road.

Crofts Well

During renovation works at the Crofts in September 1986, a private well was dug up at the rear of the buildings.

The Crofts Well
The Crofts Well in 1986
[Photo: J.C.Coombes]
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1 Wells and Springs of Herefordshire - HM Stationary Office - 1935

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